Twitter slams Ben Shapiro for falsely equating being unvaccinated to being obese: ‘Please don’t play dumb’

Ben Shapiro took to Twitter to share a hot take equating Covid and obesity, and people online are so annoyed that “obesity” is now trending.

For context, Shapiro quote-tweeted a clip from MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” in which they report that dozens of Florida doctors walked out in protest due to a surge in unvaccinated patients who contracted Covid. Frustrated with doctors seeming to “reject patients,” Shapiro suggested they try the same tactic with obesity…for some reason.

“If this is the new standard – that failure to take measures to alleviate your own health problems are punishable by doctors refusing treatment – the extension of this logic to obesity will certainly be something,” he tweeted.

Shapiro followed up with a second tweet, exemplifying what he meant. “I’m sorry, we’ve been telling you for years to eat healthy, stop drinking, and start exercising. Now you’ve got [FILL IN NEARLY EVERY MEDICAL CONDITION KNOWN TO MAN]. You’re on your own,” he said, as if this provided clarify.

Twitter users are puzzled by the false equivalency — so much so that one user responded, asking if Shapiro is actually financially compensated for each one he shares.

As noted above, Shapiro’s Hot Take™ instantly prompted “Obesity” to trend. Dozens of users dove into the discourse, explaining why Covid and obesity are not the same, and never will be. For one, there is no vaccine for obesity. It’s also not contagious. Nor does it fill ICU beds.

Hopefully some of these insightful tweets will get through to anyone willing to equate Covid and obesity.

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