Twitter Slams Ex ‘Top Gear’ Host Jeremy Clarkson For Lame Jokes

English broadcaster and journalist, Jeremy Clarkson is at the center of another controversy on social media, and it’s still the same story it has always been. The 61-year-old seems to be enjoying the attention he gets every time students in the UK are finding out about entering the next phase of their academic careers.

During this time, many students are on the edge, as they are feeling anxious and scared about how their A-levels results – the UK equivalent of the SATs – would turn out at the end of the day.


In a bid to pacify these young students, Clarkson seems to have overdone it, and Twitter users are furious about his inability to move on from the same old speech. Many went as far as compiling tweets from the broadcaster dating back to 2013, and they all had one message to give to students in the UK.

While people may have considered this act incredible in the beginning, Twitter users believe that the Doncaster native is trying to mock students who do/did not pass their A-level examination.

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Jeremy Clarkson Gives Same Old Advice On Twitter

Whenever the A-levels results are about to be posted in the U.K, there are two things to expect; students filled with anxiety and English broadcaster Clarkson trying his best to appease students on Twitter. However, this act has gone on for too long that social media users now believe that the game show host is enjoying the attention he’s receiving.

In the early hours of August 10, 2021, Clarkson took to his Twitter page to share what he would likely refer to as ‘profound advice’ to A-Level students who did not do well in the examination. This came after reports confirmed that the results would soon be posted for students to know their fate.

Although the content of Clarkson’s message to these students shows that he is trying to cheer them up, Twitter users have a problem with the fact that the broadcaster always has the need to give students advice, and in the same way.

Jeremy Clarkson Faces Backlash On Twitter

At exactly 7:57 A.M. Clarkson took to his Twitter page to write; “If the teachers didn’t give you the A level results you were hoping for, don’t worry. I got a C and 2Us and I’ve ended up happy, with loads of friends and a Bentley.”

This tweet had over 55k reactions from Twitter users, as they continued to ask why the broadcaster always felt the need to tweet the same advice every year. The comment section of the post was also filled with rage, as many slammed him for trying to show off and not appreciating the effort that students put into passing their A-level examinations.

One user wrote; “You were privileged enough to go to private schools but still screwed up your education. Not sure if that’s anything to be proud of or to entitle you to lecture others.”

Another Twitter user noted; “I get the kind intentions, but a one-in-a-million chance of a celebrity career isn’t really a viable Plan B for most young people. Maybe more helpful to remind them that many well-paid trades don’t need a heap of paper quals. A skilled bricky or plumber earns more than I do.”

Twitter Users Call For Clarkson To Quit

There’s a saying that goes; you can’t do the same thing over again and expect different results. Arguably, Clarkson’s initial intentions with his tweet in 2014 was a form of encouragement for young kids taking the A-levels examination. However, as time went on, it was glaring that everyone was bored of the repetitions.

The early morning backlash later led to a compilation of the broadcaster’s tweets, and overall, he has tweeted about the U.K. A-Levels about eight times.

At this time, users called for the 61-year-old to quit while he still had the chance, as the statements about making money despite failing his A-levels, had gotten old. They also teased the game host about his perfect timing for dropping his advice on the social media platform.

Will Clarkson Quit Anytime Soon?

This question has several aspects and opinions to it, that has been formed on social media platforms over the years. While users do not seem like they know how to stop the broadcaster from tweeting always, they hope that he can put an end to the ‘charade.’

Jeremy Clarkson is seen knocking back the Vino outside the Walmer Castle pub in Notting Hill

The host also faced criticism for flashing his lifestyle in the public’s face, rather than giving candid thoughts to A-List students about when to accept their failures, or when to embrace it.

Since the only backlash began, Clarkson is yet to make an official statement defending his tweet. Some Twitter users joked that the broadcaster has drafted a similar tweet that he would share in 2022.

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