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The Twitter thread about the ‘confessions’ of 6-year-old kids prompted people to share varied comments.

A Twitter thread by a teacher named George Pointon has turned into a source of amusement for people. In his post, he detailed ‘confessions’ of a group of 6-year-old kids. There is a chance that the thread will leave you smiling and saying aww too.

“I asked a group of 6 year olds if they wanted to get something off their chest. They did. A THREAD,” he posted. The thread then goes on to mention some of the confessions by the kids. What makes the thread a wholesome read is how Pointon shares his thoughts on the comments of the kids in a quirky way.

Here are some of the tales he shared:

Some of the other posts includes confessions like “Dance Monkey is my favourite song,” “A Stegosaurus has four spikes on its tail,” and “My Daddy says little sister has a head like a traffic cone.”

“My quote of the week this week comes from April aged 4 – “You can only do a handstand if you fall down before it,” he added at the concluding post of his thread.

The thread prompted people to share varied reactions. “My son, aged 5, told me his teacher wasn’t in school that day because she’d been on a train and on a horse. Eventually found out she’d been on a training course,” shared a Twitter user. “My 6 year old didn’t want to go to school anymore. I told her that if she didn’t go to school her dad and I would go to jail for being bad parents. She paused and thought about and then said…’for how long?’,” expressed another.

“Put my kids in the car while packing for a long journey. Told them they couldn’t eat their snacks until we were on the move. At every junction my eldest made his siblings stop eating because the car wasn’t moving,” shared a third.

What are your thoughts on the Twitter thread?

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