Two Brides ‘biggest fear’ comes true on their Wedding Day

Two brides fears came true when they arrived at their big day wearing the same wedding dress – and their reaction is so wholesome.

Casey and Tracy Marciezyk each secretly found their ‘perfect dress’ during the same shopping trip, but when the bridal party realised they’d chosen the same flowing white gown, they decided to keep it a secret.

In heart-warming pictures, photographer Stacy Smith captured the pair’s dramatic ‘first look’ as Casey, 30, spins Tracy, 38, around for them to lock eyes seconds before Casey’s mum shouts ‘hey, same dress’.

The pair are then snapped bursting out laughing while smiling Tracy drops to the floor in shock.

They’d discussed the fear of arriving at their August 13 reception at Foster Country Club, Rhode Island in the same dress, but after being ‘put-off’ for a moment they found it funny, claiming the scheming bridal party’s ‘huge risk paid off’.

Stacey posted her photos of the moment earlier this month [SEPTEMBER 16] and since then it’s been liked, commented on and shared more than 25,000, with delighted users describing the snaps as ‘priceless’ and ‘the cutest thing ever’.

Tracy, from Cumberland, Rhode Island, said: “We were scared it was going to happen and we even made jokes about it, but we thought ‘no, our bridal party would never allow that to happen’.

“I was about 6/10 off-put by it at first because it’s one of the worst possible things you can think of happening on your lesbian wedding, and that’s probably why Casey’s doing the Chris Pratt face,” – referring to a meme from the Parks and Recreation TV show.

She continued: “My mood changed very quickly because it just turned out to be hysterical. During the reception, a lot of people said they didn’t even notice it at first.

“I had no idea Casey was going to be wearing the same dress. Even leading up to the moment, the bridal party was running up to my dress and to Casey’s dress but they played it off so well.

“Casey’s mum was making a big deal out of this first look and we didn’t understand why everyone wanted to be there but now we know. They did great!

“When it started to go viral I thought people were going to use our faces as memes, but the comments have been lovely. I didn’t realise how well those pictures came out, but Stacy captured the moment perfectly.”

Casey and Tracy, who live in West Warwick, Rhode Island, officially tied the knot in June but due to covid restrictions, they chose an August date to dress up and continue their wedding with more friends and family.

They picked their dresses three months before their second big day after the bridal party told them to take turns and secretly select dresses they liked from the shop and pick their favourite.

When Casey’s mum saw both the lovers’ choices in the shop, she realised they were identical, so she called over a ‘football huddle’ to conclude the bridal party wouldn’t interfere and would let them buy the same dress.

The only difference between the two dresses on the day were the straps Tracy requested to be added to her dress.

Casey, from Coventry, Rhode Island, said: “Apparently the bridal party agreed that we’ve got the personalities and the sense of humour for it, so somehow, out of the thousands of dresses in the bridal, we picked the same dress.

“Nobody coerced us or guided us to it. They just let it happen, but it panned out great. “They kept making these smirks back and forth but we didn’t see a single thing. They did so well hiding it from us.

“I was just so excited to see Tracy’s face, I didn’t even notice it. We looked into each other’s eyes and we were so happy and my eyes were welling up with tears.

“When my mum said ‘hey, same dress’, that’s when we took a step back, looked at each other and said ‘oh my god, how did that happen?’.

“Being two lesbians with long dark hair and some similar traits people like to assume we’re the same human, forgetting we’re individuals, so I was nervous that we’d look stupid.

“But we’re very different people. I’ll go out in sundresses but she’ll go out in pants, so I was surprised. But after that initial shock wore off and we got to take each other in, it just became very funny.

“Stacy did so well capturing the moment. Every time we look at the photos we just laugh. We still can’t believe that it happened but it turned out to be such a good, happy accident. It adds an extra element to the day.”

Aside from property manager Casey and paralegal Tracy ending up in a heap during their first dance, the rest of the night went ‘perfectly’ and they insist they wouldn’t change a thing about their ‘perfect’ day.

The pair, who started dating in January 2016, say they’re now thinking of starting a family together and are pleased to have the memories of a wedding day mishap that turned out to be one of their highlights.

They can’t believe how viral the video’s gone but they’re pleased it’s been able to make lots of people smile.

Photographer Stacey’s viral Facebook post said: “When you see each other for the first time & realise you both chose the exact same dress.

“I guess it’s safe to say they’re meant to be together! Great minds [think alike]! BEST ‘FIRST LOOK’ EVER!”

One person commented: “Their faces are priceless! I can hear the photographs.”

Another said: “Oh my goodness that is too funny. Think it’s safe to say that they’re in sync.”

A third added: “My heart is melting, why am I crying damnit!”


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