T’yanna, Daughter of Notorious BIG Displays Her Baby Bump on Instagram

Notorious B.I.G.’s daughter T’yanna Dream Wallace is expecting her first child! She displayed her baby bump in a gorgeous velvet bralette and skirt set in recent updates she shared on Instagram. 

T’yanna Dream Wallace is pregnant, and she shared a rare update with fans on Instagram where she showed off her baby bump in a gorgeous velvet bralette and skirt set. The businesswoman shared photos on her Instagram Stories, which fans quickly captured.

The late rapper’s only daughter is now excitedly preparing to become a mother. A month prior to her gorgeous pregnancy OOTD, she also shared snippets of her baby shower, and gender reveal party with her followers.

Last year, T’yanna made headlines after sharing that she was tired of being known just as the daughter of Notorious B.I.G. Instead, she wants to be remembered by her own name and for her own accomplishments.

Thanks to her clothing line, Notoriouss clothing by T’yanna Wallace, people now recognize her as T’yanna and not “Biggie’s daughter.” She’s been making a name for herself, and it’s been working well for her, especially as an entrepreneur.

T’yanna unveiled the launch of her beauty product in collaboration with Wet-N-Wild beauty back in March 2021.


T’yanna, who studied at Pennsylvania State University, made it clear that she did not want to live off her father’s money. Instead, she wants to enjoy life with her hard-earned savings. She added:

“I want to make my own money. I worked in the cafeteria for a year while I attended Penn State.”


True enough, T’yanna’s business is doing well despite the pandemic. She unveiled the launch of her beauty product in collaboration with Wet-N-Wild beauty back in March 2021, the “Big Poppa Mascara.”

The cosmetic is named after one of her father’s popular nicknames, “Big Poppa.” The collaboration was a huge deal for T’yanna as she is a frequent user of the popular brand, and it is a brand found in all major mall chains in the U.S.

Notorious B.I.G., who also went by the stage name Biggie Smalls, was a Brooklyn, New York native who was killed in March 1997 at the age of 24. He was shot at a stoplight in Los Angeles while he was inside his car.

He died when T’yanna was a toddler, but he made sure to leave her with enough as he put a trust fund in place for her schooling. His relationship with T’yanna’s mom, Jan Jackson, had been over for the same time their child had been alive.

Before his death, the rapper made sure to stay present in his daughter’s life as much as he could. Despite his breakup with Jackson, the two co-parented T’yanna, his first of two children.

Notorious B.I.G. and Jackson went to high school together, and their relationship was full of drama. At the time, the aspiring rapper wanted to focus on his music, which led to constant arguments between them.


While trying to work towards his dreams, Biggie and Jackson found out that she was pregnant, which made things even more complicated for the both of them. In August 1993, they welcomed T’yanna into the world.

Unfortunately, even the birth of their child couldn’t save their relationship, and they separated just a couple of months after their daughter was born. Although she wanted to give their relationship a second chance, he left Jackson for another woman.


Since Biggie died when T’yanna was a toddler, she admittedly does not remember him. However, thanks to his music and his influence on the industry, she feels as if she knows him pretty well.

The expecting mom once let people know that she is in contact with her mom, her stepmom Faith Evans, and all of her father’s friends. This means that growing up, she heard many stories about him.


Aside from T’yanna, Biggie also has a son named Christopher Wallace Jr., named after him. The siblings remain close, despite Christopher leading a more private life than his older sister.

Christopher, or known by many as C.J., is the rapper’s child with R&B star Faith Evans, whom he married in 1994 just after eight days of knowing one another. At the time, Evans claimed she fell in love with his confidence before anything else.


Their relationship was also full of challenges, as Biggie would end up having more relationships with other women during their marriage. However, they reconciled shortly after the birth of their son CJ in October 1996.

Despite their turbulent relationship, they did not file for divorce, and they remained married even until after his death. That is why up until today, T’yanna still refers to Evans as her stepmother.

Before his death, Notorious B.I.G.’s last known relationship was with Charli Baltimore. They were said to have started dating sometime in 1996, but the actual date they started dating remains unknown.

The pair met when he performed at a concert in Philadelphia, her hometown. The performer requested a photo with the rapper after the show, and since then, they started talking to one another.

During her baby shower and gender reveal party, the lovely pair posed alongside one another. She shared their photo on her Instagram Story the same night she revealed she was pregnant for the first time.

Although it has been decades since the death of Notorious B.I.G., he is still fondly remembered not just by his family but his fans. His hits, including “Juicy,” continue to be played by hip-hop enthusiasts around the world.

Now that T’yanna is about to welcome her own child into the world, she is definitely going to introduce her child to him through his music and through the many stories that she was told growing up.


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