Tyler1 left speechless after fan destroys home gym lifting too much weight

League of Legends streamer Tyler1 was baffled by a fan that lifted too much weight in his home gym, causing an absolute disaster that ended in a shattered mirror and a ruined workout space.

Tyler1 is Twitch’s biggest League of Legends streamer, known for his occasional bursts of aggression, which have led to some hilarious moments. On top of that, he is also known for his weightlifting prowess. Back in April, he hosted a powerlifting event on his Twitch stream that encouraged fans to join him in his dedication to fitness.

A fan of Tyler1’s might have taken this call to fitness a little too seriously, making an enormous mess in the process.

Tyler1’s dedication to fitness allows him to cosplay as his favorite League champion, Draven.

Weight lifting disaster

Tyler1 was streaming on August 16 when he reacted to a video of a fan bench pressing too much weight. This led to him dropping the weight on himself directly, shattering an enormous mirror in his home gym.

“Got the ‘Built Diff’ tank on!” Tyler said while estimating about 50 pounds of weight on the barbell.

When the weightlifter could get the barbell up, Tyler tried to encourage him, saying, “Get it up now! Get it up son!” Sadly, the barbell slammed into the ground and the mirror was shattered into tons of small pieces. Tyler screamed in laughter and disowned the clip. “That’s not even my shirt bro! That’s not on me.”

While the clip on Tyler’s Twitch page is titled ‘Tyler1’s shirt give super powers,’ that might be a bit misleading; while Tyler1 encourages his fans to get into weight lifting, this was not the type of weight lifting he was encouraging.

Hopefully, this is a lesson for future weight lifters to not have loose mirrors right next to their lifting station, as there is potential for disaster.

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