Tyra Banks Wants ‘Rabid’ Meghan McCain On ‘Dancing With The Stars’?

Side by side photos of Tyra Banks in a yellow dress and Meghan McCain in a black coat

Is Meghan McCain joining the next season of Dancing with the Stars after her exit from The View? On tabloid reports, DWTS host Tyra Banks is determined to get McCain on the show. Gossip Cop investigates.

Tyra Banks ‘Wooing’ Meghan McCain?

This week’s edition of the National Enquirer reports “lightning rod” Meghan McCain may be leaving The View, but she isn’t gone from TV for good. According to the report, Tyra Banks is desperate to get the “rabid right-winger” on to Dancing with the Stars. An insider dishes, “Tyra Banks not only hosts Dancing with the Stars, but she’s also the executive producer, which makes her the boss — and she knows controversy sells.”

The source adds, “Dancing is one of the few TV shows that appeal to views in both the red and blue states. That’s why the stars must represent all Americans. Meghan would thrill the show’s conservative fans and balance out the Hollywood liberals on the dance floor. Tyra knows exactly what she’s doing. Now she has to get Meghan to say yes.”

Meghan McCain Planning To ‘Hotfoot it’ To ‘DWTS’?

So, does McCain plan to jump straight from The View to Dancing with the Stars? While anything’s possible, there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest McCain has any plans to join the dancing competition show. Since DWTS is pretty non-discriminatory when it comes to its contestants, you could throw out the name of any minor celebrity, and it’d be totally plausible to see them on the show. This is the same program that hosted Tiger King‘s Carole Baskin and former press secretary Sean Spicer. Cosmopolitan just published a list of celebrities who potentially could be on the next season of DWTS (although Meghan McCain was noticeably absent from the list), and there are a shocking amount of likely candidates from all across the spectrum.

Furthermore, when Meghan McCain cited her reasons for leaving The View, she explained how spending the pandemic in Washington DC made her realize that’s where she wants to settle down and raise her daughter. Since DWTS is filmed in Los Angeles, we doubt McCain is looking to spend even more time away from DC.

The Tabloid On Meghan McCain And Tyra Banks

To put it simply, the National Enquirer is not a trustworthy source when it comes to either of these TV personalities. This is the same tabloid that reported Tyra Banks was leaving DWTS just last year. Now, the magazine insists she basically runs the show. The outlet also claimed Meghan McCain was joining The Talk directly after leaving The View. The outlet also alleged on multiple occasions that McCain was forcing Joy Behar off of the show. Since the magazine can’t get its stories straight, we doubt there’s any truth to its most recent claims.


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