Tyson Fury ‘Conned’ Out Of Money In Las Vegas

Deontay Wilder was set to face off against Britain’s WBC champion Tyson Fury for the WBC World Heavyweight Championship in Las Vegas on July 24. Ahead of their boxing match, they had a press conference where they could not stop staring at each other. However, that was cancelled after Tyson Fury tested positive for COVID-19. Tyson Fury also leaked bad news related to Wilder’s health previously.

Tyson Fury’s father recently spoke to BT Sport, where he expressed his worry over Tyson Fury having too many ‘yes men’ around him.

”When he gets off the plane in Las Vegas, you’ve got 200 yes men waiting for him looking to get that from him.

Because he’s the Pied Piper, ain’t he? That’s what he does. People follow him around just to get what they can. ‘Yes, Tyson. You’re this, you’re that, you’re the best in the world. We love you.’

“This kid’s heard it all before in my life. They don’t love you, they don’t care you, they just want your money and your profile to make their status bigger for being around you.

You need people like me. Somebody’s got to point the finger at the bad guy. Tony Montana said that in the film Scarface. Point it at me. But I am the bad guy because I’m getting that boot up the backside and down the road, gone. Because they’re not relevant to his job. Or he’ll get beat

He needs to work, like we’re working in here. One-to-one, a select few people around him who he can trust and work and work again. And get it all right and shed blood, snot and tears in the gym. And I don’t see him doing that today.

“He’s sort of lost his bit of movement that he had, for my money. He used to be elusive, he used to be awkward, coming at you from all different styles. He’s gone a bit one dimensional.”

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