Tyson Fury tells his brother he’ll lose his family name of he doesn’t win Jake Paul fight

British professional boxer and heavyweight champion Tyson Fury is gearing up to face-off Deontay Wilder on October 9 for the trilogy fight.

This hasn’t stopped Tyson from sending advice and hard ultimatums for his younger brother, Tommy Fury, despite the crunch time.

Tommy, a former 2019 love Island star and professional light heavyweight, is working to secure a fight with YouTuber Jake Paul.

Although Tyson is supportive, he warned Tommy of what would happen if he loses the match.

Speaking to Boxing Social, Tyson believed that fight could be arranged right before mentioning, “If Tommy can’t splatter Jake Paul, I’ll retire him from boxing myself.”

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In agreeing that a Fury vs. Pail fight would be awesome “for the social media world” and for all of the kids who “support” them, Tyson was disregarding Paul’s classification as a serious opponent. He believed that noting if his brother had goals to become a world champion, he couldn’t risk the chance of losing to a “YouTube guy” like Paul.

“If you can’t beat Jake Paul, forget about boxing. ‘It’s a great fight to watch; it’s a spectacle. But Tommy…his name’s Fury. If he can’t beat Jake Paul, I’ll have to change his name,’ he said.

These comments occur after Tommy posted to social media to update the world about his conversations with his and Paul’s camps, which claimed that the money put on the table for the fight wasn’t “worth getting out of bed for.”

“I cannot walk down the street without anybody asking me ‘When are you fighting Jake Paul,’ so until you want to make a serious offer and put it on the table, we can’t think about fighting, pal. This is a very smart tactic in what he is doing. It is used by a lot of fighters when they don’t want to fight somebody,” Tommy said according to the Daily Mail.

It seems as if the fight between Tommy and Paul may still be far in the distance. But in two days’ time, Tyson is getting back in the ring after a delayed third fight with Wilder.


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