UFC reportedly “very interested” in GTA RP’s NoPixel fighting events

The GTA RP NoPixel community may soon have a big name by their side as the UFC has reportedly expressed interest in their fighting events. 

NoPixel, known for its private role-playing server based on the game Grand Theft Auto 5, is the server of choice for creators on Twitch like Summit1g, xQc, and many others.

Despite an admin of the NoPixel server revealing the large monthly cost to keep it running, the community doesn’t currently have any outside partners to help pay the bills.

According to an August 19 stream from Twitch streamer Shotz, that may change soon.


UFC might have its own EA game, but it appears they’re looking to expand into other games. 

GTA RP x UFC collab coming soon?

Shortly after starting his August 19 stream, Shotz mentioned to his chat: “Let’s wait for more people to get in here and I’ll talk about the call I just had.”

Turning on his camera, the streamer continues: “I’ll probably talk about this 100 times over, but, let’s just say… UFC has been very interested with the VLC fights. We just got off a call with the UFC,” before turning his camera back off, focusing on his character John Mineo.

In a comment made it onto the GTA RP subreddit, and for those wondering why the UFC would even entertain the prospect, user AdMWS had the perfect explanation.

They posted: “VLC fight nights have between all the streamers like 80-100k viewers. It’s not that bad of an audience, UFC wanted to get into twitch for some time now and it’s a kinda perfect opportunity.”

There are plenty of things a company like the UFC could do with NoPixels VLC fight nights. Possibilities include showing certain events on TV or streaming services, or just offering money to help run the server and take naming rights for the infamous fighting zone in-game.

Hopefully, it won’t take too long before we have more details on this potential collab. Until then, you can catch VCL MMA on Twitch.

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