UK daily Covid cases and deaths continue to rise with 40% spike in infections in a week amid winter lockdown fears

UK Covid case deaths are on the rise with another 36,710 infections recorded in the last 24 hours.

Infections have increased by 40 per cent in a week, after 26,326 cases were reported on September 16.


Infections are on the rise again up 40 per cent from last weekCredit: Reuters


The daily number of Covid deaths has  increased by 182 today – up from 166  yesterday and 158 at the same time last week. 

The total death toll since the beginning of the pandemic now stands at a grim 135,803.

There have also now been 7,565,867 infections of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic.

As of yesterday there were 48,674,154 first dose jabs administered and 44,600,070 second doses, with the total reaching 93,274,224.

It comes as experts have warned that a further rise in deaths will force the government into implementing further lockdowns.

Covid deaths currently account for around eight per cent of all deaths in the UK.

While the ONS says deaths are consistently lower for people who have been double vaccinated – overall the death toll in the UK is still on the up.

One expert has warned that if this number continues to increase then the government could be forced to introduce a ‘non-existent’ Plan C.

But Professor Neil Ferguson, the SAGE adviser dubbed “Professor Lockdown” argued another shutdown is unlikely thanks to vaccines.

He said he “very much doubts” another lockdown will be needed, as long as the vaccine booster rollout and jabs for kids go as planned.

Professor Ferguson admitted cases are likely to rise in the colder months as people socialise more indoors but said he is “moderately optimistic”.

Britain is currently in a good position in the fight against the virus – with deaths relatively low and the vaccines working, despite cases remaining high.

Testing for the virus is now also widely available – meaning that people can find out faster if they have the virus so in turn they can isolate and avoid spreading it to others.

Last week Professor Tim Spector from King’s College London, said that the government should go straight to Plan B in order to stop the NHS from crumbling.

Professor Ferguson does not believe more lockdowns will be needed despite the rise


Professor Ferguson does not believe more lockdowns will be needed despite the riseCredit: PA
There has been a spike in deaths since last week also


There has been a spike in deaths since last week alsoCredit: Reuters
UK Covid cases pass 7.5m as another 34,460 infections are recorded with 166 daily deaths


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