Ukraine bakery honours Boris Johnson with croissant

A Ukrainian bakery has named a croissant after Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson has been honoured by Ukraine with a croissant (c) zavertailo.kyiv Instagram

The British Prime Minister has been immortalised in a pastry with his signature blonde hairdo at Cafe Zavertailo in Kyiv.

The bakery announced the treat in an Instagram post last month, with the caption reading: “Boris Johnson is not just a prime minister but is also now a croissant.

“This is dedicated to our British friends in tribute for their support in the war against Russia.”

According to the Daily Telegraph newspaper, the Boris croissant has proved to be a hit and sold out quickly.

Local historian Maxim Mokhort revealed that he was eager to try the snack in honour of Johnson’s support of the war-torn country.

He said: “My third cousin once shook the hand of Boris Johnson. I really like him. He is a much better Prime Minister than previous ones. He really reminds me of Winston Churchill and I would love to try the croissant.”


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