UK’s UFO hotspot revealed

Yorkshire has the most UFO sightings in the UK.

UFO over city

New data has revealed that over 200 reports have been received in the last twenty years, including several over the course of this year alone.

Ash Ellis, a representative of UFO Identified, told The Sun newspaper: “They may be particularly interested in our weapons and technology.

“The cliffs around Bempton and Flamborough Head have long been known as a UFO hotspot.”

Over the summer, three were recorded over a four-day span. Those who monitor the situation believe they are attracted to the area’s rural environment, such as wide-open fields and mountains.

In June, a “black triangle” was seen flying above the city of Leeds that had “no noise or lights visible”.

Local people have reported seeing two thin black crafts speeding, before halting and changing their course of direction.

A dark circle was seen being tailed by four smaller items going from south to north in the town of Bingley. In addition, a 600-foot silver sausage-like object was seen turning black and then vanishing over Barnsley.


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