Ultimate Surfer: What Was the ABC Reality Show All About?

ABC has given us The Bachelor, Bachelor in Paradise, and now we are welcoming Ultimate Surfer. This show is all about surfers who are all trying to win the title of Ultimate Surfer.

This competition takes place in Lenmoore, California and they will stay at the World Surf League’s Surf Ranch. ABC will broadcast the entire series and there will be a lot of challenges and drama between the teams and individuals that are competing this year.

Ultimate Surfer: A New Spin

We haven’t seen anything like this on ABC and viewers are looking forward to seeing something new. There will be one woman and one man who will take the big prize of Ultimate Surfer. This isn’t any ordinary surfing show though, ABC has to throw in some romance too!

There will be a lot of familiar faces on the show, including NFL quarterback, Jesse Palmer, who also appeared on the Bachelor. He will host the show and we will get a chance to see Hannah Ann Sluss and Mike Johnson from Bachelor Nation. There are some surfers that didn’t sign onto the show for romance though.

One participant, Brianna Cope told cameras, “If I wanted to kiss someone, I would’ve signed up for the Bachelor.” There are others that we can see getting closer and closer and forming bonds that could make or break the competition. One couple, Malia Ward and Mason Barnes seem to have formed an alliance and the other surfers can already tell that this is going to be trouble. One surfer says, “There might be a little fire in the eyes of Malia and Mason.”

Surfing icons will also appear on the show and fans of the sport will be happy to see Kelly Slater, Joe Turpel, and Erin Coscarelli appear on the show too. Slater is the lead consultant for the surfers and will be there to give them some them some tips and tricks to winning this competition. We’re not sure who will help them with the romance aspect though.

Ultimate Surfer will appear on ABC on August 23 and August 24. Fans of the network are happy to see something new, but there is still a little romance thrown in. These surfers will have to keep their eyes on the prize or things could get ugly really fast. We hope to see one of them take the trophy and also find love in the waves.

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