‘Ultraman’ Season 2 Release Date: When it is Coming To Netflix?

There are a ton of different anime series on Netflix these days, but few have as loyal a following as Ultraman. That loyal fanbase has had to wait quite a while to find out just when the next season of the series is finally going to come to the streaming service.

We heard the news back in 2019 that it had been renewed for a second season. But since then any news about when the next installment is due has been quite scant. Until now.

What Is Ultraman?

Ultraman is a Netflix Original anime series based on the Manga of the same name. The franchise is one of the most influential series from Japan. It’s thought that shows like Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and VR Troopers all owe their successful history to the show and its impact on the Tokusatsu genre. Certainly there are little details here and there in all of those franchises that show just how much they’ve borrowed from the popular comics.

Many years have passed since the events of the original Ultraman. Now perceived as a memory the legendary ‘Giant of Light’ is believed to have left earth and returned to his home planet. However, Shinjiro Hayata discovers that his father was the titular character. Taking the mantle from his dad, Shinjiro becomes the new Ultraman of the earth.



When Does Season 2 Arrive?

It’s taken a surprisingly long time for Netflix to announce it, but Ultraman will return with the second season in 2022.

The news was announced as a part of Netflix’s anime spotlight during the TUDUM event.


There is of course, good news and bad news with the announcement. After such a long period of time between any news, it has to be nice for fans of the show to know that there is indeed another installment coming. On the other hand, with the first season landing so long ago, it’s likely most fans were hoping Season 2 would arrive in 2021.

There is of course, still the frustration that goes along with still not having a solid date. One has to wonder if a release window, but not a release date, might still mean there’s chance for the series to get delayed.

It seems likely the coronavirus pandemic had something to do with it. Certainly, the pandemic has changed the approach of more than a few shows. Perhaps, if the world hadn’t had to hit pause, the popular Anime would be here by now.

Because Netflix kept things under wrap, it’s hard to know for sure. Certainly, there hasn’t been any mention that the 2022 date is a delay. It’s possible that was the target year all along. For now, Ultraman fans will just have to be content knowing Season 2 is coming sometime in the next year.


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