Uncle Dale & Hazel Party Together On A Sweet Vacation! #DAZEL Reunited!

The ultimate fan-favorite TLC pair is back together! The Dazel fanbase is rejoicing after they saw Uncle Dale and little Hazel partying together on OutDaughtered patriarch Adam Busby’s social media. For months, the two of them didn’t appear anywhere together. Besides, there were rumors that Hazel had dumped her favorite uncle for a younger boyfriend. Fortunately, they were finally reunited on a family vacation. Here are more details about the same.

OutDaughtered: #Dazel Reunited As Uncle Dale & Hazel Party Together!

Uncle Dale, whose real name is Dale Mills, is one of the most-loved cast members on OutDaughtered and has continued to be a fan-favorite over the years. Well, his wife, Crystal Mills or Aunt Kiki, is pretty popular too. But, Dale’s sweet relationship with his niece Hazel Busby tops all lists of cuteness. Out of the six Busby girls, Uncle Dale loves to hang out with Hazel, and people adore the two of them together. In fact, their hashtag #Dazel is pretty famous amongst fans.

Instagram: @adambuzz

For the last couple of months, fans had been wanting to see Uncle Dale and Hazel together, but they didn’t upload a picture together. Finally, #Dazel was reunited as the family went on a short trip. The OutDaughtered dad, Adam Busby, uploaded a story on his Instagram, capturing an adorable moment between the uncle-niece duo. Uncle Dale was ticking Hazel as she laughed her heart out. Adam also added the popular hashtag in the story.

OutDaughtered: Who Is Hazel’s New Young Boyfriend?

Since Dazel didn’t appear on social media for long, fans were worried if something was wrong between the families. People even thought that Hazel dumped Uncle Dale. These rumors were fueled by a picture uploaded by the quintuplets mom, Danielle Busby. She posted a picture of Hazel and her classmate, Graham, hanging out together. The OutDaughtered matriarch also added the hashtag #Grazel, which was ripped off from Uncle Dale and Hazel’s hashtag Dazel. The kids go to school together, and TLC viewers often ship Graham as Hazel’s boyfriend.


Well, now that Dazel is back together, fans aren’t worried anymore. They have been demanding to see more of Uncle Dale and Hazel on screens, which might be possible in the next season of the popular show. As per the release schedule of OutDaughtered, every season air with a gap of 6-8 months. Since the previous season came out in February 2021, the next one might debut within a month or two. We will update this section whenever TLC announces the official release date. So, stay tuned to TV Season Spoilers. Do you like Dazel together? Tell us in the comments below.


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