Uncle Dale‘s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Moment Finally Arrives!! See Photos
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Uncle Dale‘s ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Moment Finally Arrives!! See Photos

America’s Favorite Uncle (self-proclaimed) Uncle Dale shares some exciting news on social media. The OutDaughtered star spent 10 weeks practicing for a charity event. The Applebee’s commercial star puts his dance moves to good use. Keep reading to find out more.

OutDaughtered star Uncle Dale competes in a dancing competition

Uncle Dale takes to social media to let his fans know that after 10 weeks of practicing, he finally competed in a “Dancing with the Stars” competition for the Bay Area Alliance. TV Shows Ace previously reports on this. This is because there was a lot of hype around it and some people may have even thought Uncle Dale was going to be on ABC’s hit show Dancing with the Stars.  However, in true brotherly love fashion, Adam shuts down the praise and lets everyone know that it is “just a local thing that Uncle Dale got into.”

Instagram Dale Mills

In his announcement, Uncle Dale writes, “I’m hoping all the years of *NSYNC dancing and TikTok dancing has prepared me to take home a W, ha!” He also explains he and his partner drew Swing as their dance style. He also tells his fans to stay tuned for progress videos.

Now, the day has finally come. Yesterday (August 28th) Uncle Dale competed in the Bay Area “Dancing with the Stars.” While Uncle Dale hoped for a win, he and his partner did not win. “Although we didn’t win, we left it all out there on the dance floor,” writes Uncle Dale.

Fans are over the moon for his performance in an Applebee’s commercial

Unfortunately, the post does not include a video of the performance, but there are several photos. From the looks of it, Uncle Dale and his partner had a great time at the charity event. While fans would love to see a video of the competition, the comments section of Uncle Dale’s social media is full of excitement over his appearance in an Applebee’s commercial.

However, there are fans that aren’t too happy with the fact that Uncle Dale didn’t win. One fan writes, “I can’t believe y’all didn’t win. It must have been rigged.” To that, Uncle Dale chimes in with “#recount.” In good spirits, another fan offers up a solution besides the competition being rigged and that “the quints were falling down on their job of campaigning for their Uncle Doofus.”

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale dancing
Instagram Dale Mills

What do you think about Uncle Dale competing in a dance competition as a fundraiser for the Bay Area Alliance? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.


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