Uncle Dale‘s Daughter McKenzie Nervous On BIG Day

OutDaughtered star Uncle Dale’s daughter McKenzie was nervous about her first day of school. As McKenzie starts sixth grade, it was likely her first day of school at a new school. Keep reading to find out more.

OutDaughtered stars the Mills stay busy over the summer

Over the summer, OutDaughtered stars Dale and Crystal Mills have been sharing all of the adventures their family has gone on. Fans are able to keep up with the Mills’ family happening by following the couple on Instagram.

Much like the Busbys, Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki keep busy. Their social media features beach vacation photos, Bronson’s baseball pictures, date nights, and various other activities over the summer.

Instagram Crystal Mills

While the Busbys keep their six girls busy over the summer, it looks like the Mills do the same. For example, Blayke Busby and McKenzie Mills both go to Musical Camp. Adorably, the cousins wear matching outfits.

OutDaughtered Aunt Kiki school
Instagram Crystal Mills

Also, Bronson went on a trip away from home for baseball. It had Aunt Kiki emotional upon his return. In the caption, she shares, “So happy to have my baby boy back. I sure have missed him all week.” Bronson went to the baseball World Series 10u tournament.

McKenzie is nervous about the first day of school

Now, the kids have each had their first day of school. Aunt Kiki shares an adorable photo of McKenzie before her first day of sixth grade. In the caption, Aunt Kiki explains that her daughter was nervous. However, McKenzie was able to overcome her nerves and walk into school without her mom. “She was nervous about this morning but walked in like a champ with her friends by her side.

OutDaughtered Uncle Dale nervous
Instagram Crystal Mills

The Mills celebrated back to school by putting decorations up in their yard. McKenzie and her friends pose for the camera. Everyone looks excited about the day ahead.

Earlier this week, Aunt Kiki shares a photo of McKenzie at her locker.  McKenzie decorated her locker with what looks like contact paper. She also has a hanging succulent and matching succulent magnets. There is a dry erase board and extra magnets on the door.

Instagram Crystal Mills

Were you nervous about your first day of middle school? Let us know in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.


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