Uncle Dale’s Dream Of Joining A Boy Band Comes True?

Uncle Dale, pop star?! What’s he up to now? The OutDaughtered fan-favorite recently revealed his childhood dream of being in a boy band. What does that mean?  Could fans expect to see Uncle Dale in concert soon as part of a boy band? Keep reading to find out more.

Uncle Dale OutDaughtered Fan-Favorite

OutDaughtered fans adore the quints’ “Uncle Dale” Mills. The Busby brother-in-law often trolls Adam and Danielle. Like leaving inappropriate comments on Danielle’s Instagram. However, he has a soft spot for Hazel, sparking the hashtag #Dazel.

There’s a running joke between Dale and Adam about which one has the best hair. That may be up for debate. But it’s clear that Uncle Dale knows how to rock hair accessories like no other!


Credit: Uncle Dale/Instagram

Did Uncle Dale Fulfill His Boy Band Dreams?

The secret’s out! While attending the Pop2000 tour, Uncle Dale couldn’t help fangirling over the boy bands from the early aughts. In fact, he may have been more excited to go to the concert than Aunt KiKi.

Pop2000 featured O-Town, Ryan Cabrera & LFO with Lance Bass serving as host. Aunt KiKi, Uncle Dale, and friends went to the Texas show on August 14. Uncle Dale took to Instagram to share his excitement. In the post’s hashtag, he revealed his childhood dream of being in a boy band. “#mylifegoalwastobeinaboyband,” he wrote.

Uncle Dale boy band dreams via Instagram
Uncle Dale boy band dreams via Instagram

So, did it come true? Not yet! Alas, it seems Uncle Dale’s dream of being in a boy band remains unfulfilled. He did, however, share a clip of O-Town performing their hit “Liquid Dreams.”

Check Out THESE Moves

According to Dale, there’s #stilltime for his dream to come true.

Despite his lack of boy band experience, Uncle Dale has some killer moves. He’s competing in a local Dancing With The Stars competition. The competition kicks off on August 28, 2021. Good luck, Uncle Dale!

Additionally, he frequently shares dance videos on the family TikTok account. Can Uncle Dale bust a move or what?

@thamillsfam#fancylike #bougie #fatherdaugter #webackatit #whatshouldwedonext #thamillsfam #fyp @walkerhayesofficial

♬ Fancy Like – Walker Hayes

Uncle Dale’s desire to be a pop star is nothing new. Scrolling through his Instagram reveals a flashback photo of the time he and Aunt KiKi dressed as Kevin Federline (“K-Fed”) and Britney Spears, respectively.

Credit: Dale Mills/Instagram
Credit: Dale Mills/Instagram

Can you imagine Uncle Dale in a boy band? He certainly has the hair for it! Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t forget to let us know which boy band is your all-time favorite! We’ve got some NSYNC fans, as well as some NKOTB stans.

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