Unimpressed Aussie tells UK to ‘sort your f***ing beaches out’ after discovering tides

An Australian TikTok user living in the UK has gone viral for her hilarious review of British beaches – after coming across tides seemingly for the first time.

Carmela Contarino, whose handle is “carmela_cc”, posted the clip of what appears to be Southend-on-Sea beach in Essex, with a number of small boats sitting on the mud.

But despite tides being a fact of life all around the world (including in Australia), Carmela feigns amazement at the scene.

In the video, she says: “So, like, in the UK, not only do they have beaches that aren’t really beaches, but they have sea that disappears.”

Trying to stifle a chuckle, she appears to spot a couple of people on the beach, and adds: “Like, what’s this guy doing? What’s this guy doing?

The TikTok video by Carmela has been taken seriously by some

“There used to be water there but there’s no longer water there. Apparently, the water comes back late at night.”

On the verge of cracking up, she ends by saying: “I mean, sort your f***ing beaches out, guys! Sort it out!”

The video, entitled “Australian loses her sh*t over British seaside”, has gone viral with more than 200,000 views.

Many of those who have left comments have entered into the spirit of the video and have played along with Carmela’s humour.

Carmela's video has left viewers in stitches
Carmela’s video has left viewers in stitches

The replies include: “We can’t keep the water on all the time, especially with this economy”, while another says: “People steal the sea and we steal it back in the morning”.

Another viewer wrote: “It’s European sea, it voted to leave” while someone else said: “We have a timeshare arrangement with France.”

But one user, seemingly without irony, comments: “Wait, is this not a thing in other countries?!?! Genuinely thought that’s just what the sea did everywhere.”

Carmela replies: “I’ve NEVER seen a boat propped up like that, mate. And people walking out to it… Thought everyone was pissed!!”

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