‘Unlovable’ Whitney Way Thore Spirals After Breakup

It’s been over a year since Whitney Way Thore ended her engagement to Chase Severino. However, in a preview for the next episode of MBFFL, she reveals how the split is still wreaking havoc on her self-esteem. 

Whitney’s New Man Jokes Marriage

Despite her heartbreak, Whitney Way Thore is no longer single. Viewers of the TLC show were introduced to her mysterious French tutor. We know that the flirtation started on Season 9 of MBFFL leads to a relationship between Whitney and her tutor. 

Credit: Whitney Way Thore/Instagram

In fact, she just returned from a month-long vacation in France. While in Europe, she met up with her new beau, careful to keep his face hidden. His face is blurred out to viewers when he video-chats with Whitney on the show. Furthermore, she went to great lengths to confirm her relationship status on her Instagram while protecting his privacy. 

During an upcoming chat between the two, a discussion is sparked about traveling from the U.S to France as pandemic restrictions relax. E! Online shared a preview clip of the next MBFFL episode. When Whitney casually mentions travel exemptions for married couples, her beau jokingly asks if she’s suggesting marriage. 

Despite flaunting a ring on that finger while in France, don’t expect Whitney to rush to the altar any time soon. Her new boyfriend shuts the idea down, “I mean, I think that this is going a bit too fast.”

Furthermore, he doubts Whitney’s mother Babs would approve. However, Whitney Way Thore believes both of her parents would approve of the marriage for the saddest reason. 

MBFFL Star Makes Sad Admission About Her Parents

Whitney Way Thore tries to brush off her feelings by joking that her family wants to “marry her off.” At almost 40, Whitney is still single and childless. In fact, she undergoes IVF during Season 9 of MBFFL. 

However, jokes aside, Whitney reveals that she’s under pressure from her family. She says that they think she would find a man easier if she lost weight. She further admits to feeling ‘unlovable’ due to her weight. 

Preview: Whitney Way Thore Reveals She Almost Did THIS After Chase Breakup

Whitney Way Thore promotes body positivity. But that doesn’t mean she’s never wanted to lose weight. In fact, viewers have watched her weight fluctuate over the last eight seasons. During Season 8, she even had a consultation for weight loss surgery. 

She opens up to her new beau about the idea of surgery. According to Whitney, her breakup with Chase Severino sparked the idea of having the surgery. Chase infamously cheated on Whitney after their engagement and ended up having a child with the other woman. 

In fact, he appears on Season 9 to drop a bomb on Whitney regarding his new relationship. 

It seems the breakup with Chase shook Whitney’s confidence. She tells her new boyfriend that weight loss surgery “could make my life easier in a lot of ways.” 

Watch the full preview clip here. Tune in to MBFFL Tuesdays on TLC. 

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