Unusual Things In Japan Including Companies Who Quit Your Job For You


A TikTok account has broken down some of the strange things that are totally normal in Japan. 

Japan’s culture and traditions are rich, diverse and a world apart from countries like the UK, due in part to its island geography and separation from everyone else during the Tokugawa shogunate regime. Eastern influences have only grown in popularity, such as the uptick in mainstream anime projects like The Witcher spin-off and Invincible.

However, photos and videos from the country, whether it’s in Tokyo or its rural areas, show an incredible world of weird and wonderful quirks.

Over on TikTok, @japanontiktok regularly posts fascinating videos about Japan, whether it’s facts you wouldn’t expect, advice when travelling there or useful phrases to learn. They also share content on Instagram (@japanoninsta).

One series of videos reveals unusual things that are normal in the country, and there are loads: apparently, there are ‘far more’ dogs in strollers than children; if you’re struggling to work up the gumption, you can hire a company to quit your job for you; and there are trains with carriages exclusively for women.

The latter has been praised by many commenters. ‘The women’s only train makes me feel super safe,’ one wrote. ‘Y’all had me at women only trains,’ another said.

You can also buy exotic rice from vending machines and book a taxi that’ll close its doors by itself. Another video also reveals you can rent haunted apartments for cheap, take a train without a driver and sit in a restaurant without being served by a staff member. A short clip also shows massive robots creating zen gardens.


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