Upset Fans Rally For Gamora Solo Episode After Marvel’s What If…? Finale

If “leave the audience wanting more” is a sign of a successful TV show, then Marvel’s What If…? ostensibly knocked it out of the park. However, that doesn’t mean fans aren’t frustrated at a particular aspect of the show’s season finale on Disney Plus that dropped today.

In particular, fans felt short-changed that a certain side adventure was mostly left out of the first season. The episode featured an alternative version of Gamora, donning Titan armor, and having killed Thanos and survived Sakaar in an episode that revolved around various heroes from across the multiverse trying to defeat the threat of Infinity Ultron.

The glimmer of Gamora apparently being teamed up with Tony Stark in a custom Sakaar costume was quite short-lived, leaving many fans wanting an episode that explores just their solo adventure. It may have been a storyline that was cut out due to the pandemic crunching the show’s production schedule, as writer A.C. Bradley previously explained. However, we may yet see the storyline get fleshed out for season two.

Something that fans pointed to as evidence there was a fleshed-out Gamora and Iron Man side adventure episode is the fact that there is a Lego set that exists referencing it.

Thanos-killer Gamora is already becoming a fan favorite, with the Graciethecosplaylass showing off an impressive costume build of the titan-armored Guardian.

What did you think of the season finale of What If…? Are you ready to see Gamora kick butt and take names in season two?


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