Uri Geller blames aliens for Facebook outage

Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp were brought down earlier this week by aliens, Uri Geller has claimed.

Uri Geller

The TV psychic believes that extraterrestrials were responsible for the social media giants going offline for several hours on Monday (04.10.21).

Facebook blamed the outage – which affected 3.5 billion users across the world – was blamed on a technical issue that caused the servers to crash but Geller has blamed aliens on social media.

He tweeted: “National Security Agency, Pentagon are frantically investigating.

“Alien extraterrestrial technology can do this.

“Nuclear ballistic missile systems are in danger.

“Kremlin, China involved too.”

Geller added: “It’s a huge mystery for social networks.

“They have to come up with some kind of an earthly explanation.”

A user then asked: “You saying aliens caused a server crash?”

Geller replied: “My feeling, yes. What’s the big deal for them?”


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