US expat baffled by ‘fancy’ Australian McDonalds McCafe section

The US woman has recounted the confusing time she had trying to order two popular American McDonald’s items.

One of the hallmarks of fast food restaurants is that their food is supposed to be the same, no matter what country you’re in.

But one American woman has discovered that rule doesn’t always apply to McDonald’s, recounting the moment she found out two of her favourite breakfast items weren’t available here.

TikTok star Kaymie Wuerfel has more than 237,000 followers and shares videos recounting the culture shocks she’s had since moving from the US state of Florida to Australia.

In a video posted this week, Ms Wuerfel recounted her unsuccessful attempt to order a Macca’s breakfast.

“Can I please have a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit?” she asked the Macca’s employee, who was puzzled by her request.

“Sorry, we don’t really have that option,” the worker replied, prompting Ms Wuerfel to ask for a bacon, egg and cheese McGriddle.

But this was even more confusing, with the Macca’s worker responding that they were “not sure what a McGriddle was”.

“It’s like two mini pancakes with syrup inside sandwiched with bacon, egg and cheese,” Ms Wuerfel responded.

“Yeah that sounds super American, we don’t have that,” the worker replied, before asking Ms Wuerfel if she would like to get something from the McCafe section.

Ms Wuerfel was then stunned to find out that McDonald’s McCafe wasn’t just drinks – it was a whole other food menu.

“It’s a full cafe menu,” she said of the “ground breaking” discovery. “You even have Macarons.”

Ms Wuerfel’s video got more than 300 comments, with many Aussies saying they had never heard of a breakfast biscuit or McGriddle before.

“OK Googling egg and bacon biscuits – they look like scones?” one person commented.

While some argued that she should have “read the menu” before ordering, others empathised with her situation.

“First time I walked into a McDonald’s in America I was so confused,” another said. “I was staring blankly at the menu. No idea!”

“I’m from Canada, I went to California once and they had no idea what a bacon and egg McMuffin was,” one person commented.

“We had to tell them how to assemble it.”

Meanwhile some claimed that Macca’s McCafe offering was very Aussie for one reason.

“McDonald’s had to introduce McCafe because Aussies hated the American style of coffee at Macca’s,” one person wrote.

“McCafe is like the fancy side of McDonald’s,” another commented.

US expats blown away by Aussie fast food

It’s not the first video Ms Wuerfel has made about Aussie fast food, with the TikTok star previously saying McDonald’s was much better Down Under.

In a TikTok video she explained how she preferred our Macca’s to the American version as the “food quality” was so much better.

“I never ate it much in America because when you eat McDonald’s in America you genuinely feel like you are going to die,” Ms Wuerfel said.

“And I know here is probably not much better but it is so, so good.

“I’m eating those Chicken McPieces and downing my frozen Coke, the last thing on my mind is my health – which probably is a bad thing.”

Another US expat @sophiainsydney, who is originally from Los Angeles but now lives in Sydney, said KFC tastes “more fresh here”.

“This is the first time I am trying KFC in Australia,” Sophia said in the video.

“I swear the fast food in Australia is so much better than the fast food in America because the quality of the food is just a lot better, like you can see it in the photos and the videos as well.”


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