US gold medalist receives emotional letter from a father at Tokyo Paralympics

US gold medalist Sam Grewe took to Twitter to share the letter along with a sweet caption.

Several wonderful moments in the ongoing Tokyo Paralympics 2020 have left people in awe and won their hearts. This story involving United States of America’s gold medalist Sam Grewe and one of the event’s organizing committee members is one such story. In addition, there is a chance that the tale of the athlete receiving a heartening letter from a Japanese father will leave you emotional.

Sam Grewe took to Twitter to share the letter along with a sweet caption. “A local Japanese man just handed me this note shortly after I arrived at the track to compete. Win or lose; this is what it’s all about. This makes it all worth it,” he tweeted.

The letter reads, “Dear Sam. Nice to meet you. I’m Masaki Kando. I am currently working for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Organizing committee. I am also the father of my son Haruki (13-year-old). My son has osteosarcoma of his right knee at the age of 10 and had surgery on Rotation plasty. Even though I knew the details of the rotation lasts surgery, I was very anxious because there was no information about its after function in Japan. Meanwhile, we found out about you on SNS. High jumper, the world champion! You gave great courage to my family. We are grateful to you. Actually, my family bought today’s game ticket. However, it will be non-spectators. My son is watching TV today. We are all supporting you. Good luck! Sincerely, Masaki Kando,”

Take a look at the post shared by the gold medalist:

The post, since being shared, has gone viral. It has gathered more than 58,000 likes, and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also received tons of love-filled comments.

“What a wonderful letter! I’m sure that this letter is as worth as the gold medal for Sam,” shared a Twitter user. “Just FYI that SNS means Social Networking Service, it’s the term for “social media platform” here in Japan,” explained another. “Wow, how lovely, it’s these moments in life we all aspire to, to make a positive difference. You inspire so many people, so it’s great to have it affirmed. Wishing you the best of good luck” expressed a third.

Sam Grewe clinched gold at the ongoing Tokyo Paralympics 2020 in the High jump (T63) event.

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