Valentin Cassadine Gets A HUGE Shock!

General Hospital viewers know a major shock is on the way for Valentin Cassadine. The truth will surely prompt both anger and heartbreak for Valentin once he’s hit with this bombshell. Actor James Patrick Stuart recently shared a bit of insight into what’s on the way for his character.

Valentin Has Fallen For Bailey

Valentin never expected Brook Lynn to end up pregnant from their brief romp under the sheets. However, he didn’t really question it when Brook Lynn revealed the big news either. Little did he know, she wasn’t pregnant at all. She faked it in hopes she could use his supposed child to bring control of ELQ back to the Quartermaine family. In fact, Valentin never even asked for a paternity test. As far as General Hospital viewers have seen, he never even wondered if Brook Lynn was up to anything shady.

Brook Lynn went into this scheme not knowing how she’d pull it off in the end. She got lucky when she realized Maxie was developing her own baby-related scheme, and now she’s raising baby Louise as her baby with Valentin. Eventually, the truth about Bailey being Louise will emerge. When it does, it will stun Valentin to discover the baby he thought was his daughter is not his at all.

The General Hospital Star Hints At Valentin Learning The Truth

In a chat with Soap Opera Digest, Stuart admitted that “Playing uninformed is difficult” as he typically sees it as “a weak acting choice.” In this case, however, Valentin being oblivious to the truth sets the stage for his utter heartbreak down the road.

“The idea is that the very thing that has been the catalyst for any change in Valentin’s life is his daughter,” Stuart noted. “The idea that he gets to have another one is just beyond wonderful for him. It’s going to be very tragic when he finds out the truth,” the General Hospital actor continued.

Valentin’s Growth After Betraying Nina Could All Disappear

As Stuart detailed, “Valentin was arrogant and manipulative and he was borderline cruel and he just got taken out at the knees” after Nina learned the truth about the Sasha situation. In the wake of that humiliation, he worked to become a better man, at least in some ways. Granted, he tricked Brook Lynn and manipulated Sam in order to take over ELQ. However, he has worked to make amends to people in some other ways.

How will Valentin react when he learns Brook Lynn lied about being pregnant? General Hospital spoilers haven’t revealed a timeline yet regarding when Maxie will get Louise back. However, that development is on the horizon and General Hospital viewers cannot wait to see how Valentin handles the shock and heartbreak.

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