Valkyrae’s Twitch channel can’t be found and somehow it’s good news for Sykkuno

100 Thieves co-owner Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter hasn’t streamed on Twitch since she signed a contract with YouTube. How Twitch is handling her account over a year later has left her speechless. 

Since signing an exclusive contract with YouTube over a year ago, Valkyrae has definitely stayed too busy to think about Twitch and her 1.1 million follower account.

The creator has starred in a music video with Machine Gun Kelly, in which she plays the faceless YouTuber and musician Corpse Husband, as well as becoming an official co-owner of 100 Thieves alongside CourageJD, Drake, Nadeshot and a few other investors.

During an August 16 stream on YouTube, Valkyrae received a comment in chat: “Did you know if you search your name on Twitch, it shows Sykkuno?”

YouTube: Valkyrae

Valkyrae has gained popularity in recent months by appearing in multiple music videos.

Valkyrae reacts to the search results

After reading the chat message out loud, the streamer responded, “Hold… hold up. HOLD UP!” before opening the Twitch homepage and typing her name into the search bar.

After a couple of seconds staring at the screen, she yelled: “Whta? HUH?!” before scrolling halfway down the result page and yelling out “Valkyree?! One?!” — the name of a Hungarian World of Warcraft streamer.

After reacting on stream, she turned to her Twitter page to send a message to her 2.5 million followers.


Almost 24 hours after Rachell tweeted about the incident, Sykkuno left a very simple reply.

A theory for why Valkrae’s channel isn’t coming up in Twitch search

In the replies to her tweet, a Twitter user by the name of “Fabian9799” posted a screenshot of an alleged message from Twitch that may have the perfect explanation.

The message reads: “Thank you for your message! We understand that it can be a concern if your channel doesn’t show up when someone searches for it. Currently, channels that have not reached partner status and have not streamed within a year are periodically removed from search for optimization reasons.”

“We are constantly trying to improve this experience and welcome concerns about this as feedback. As soon as one of these channels is streaming after a longer period of activity, it should show up in the search again.”

Despite having 1.1 million followers on the platform, Valkyrae signed her exclusive contract with YouTube before she managed to make it to Partner status.

While not confirmed, this could very likely be the reason the creator’s channel is no longer showing in search, and her friend Sykkuno is showing in her place. Either way, we think her reaction was priceless.

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