‘Vampire Diaries‘ Nina Dobrev poses in string bikini

Someone call the Salvator brothers! Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev is breaking the internet with her new wet bikini snaps. She is killing the Instagram game!

Nina Dobrev poses in string bikini

Nina Dobrev is heating up Instagram. The former Vampire Diaries star is posing in a bikini and is getting all sorts of attention for it. So much attention, in fact, she ended up with 1.4 million likes within 24 hours. Fans must be very excited to see Nina in her bikini.

The Vampire Diaries star posted a total of four photos in a black bikini. Some show just her back, some she is laying in the pool, and one she is jumping in the pool. Looks like she is having a super fun pool day!


Nina Dobrev | Instagram

She captioned the photo with a simple sun emoji.

The comments exploded with love for the star. Even though her time on Vampire Diaries ended a long time ago, it’s clear she still has a very large fanbase that supports her on social media.

“You’re so beautiful girl 😍,” a fan comments.

“YOU ARE SO PERFECT,” someone writes to Nina.

“Such a beauty ❤️.”

“You are amazing…”

Some fans were not as impressed…

It seems that not everyone was impressed with Nina’s newest post. It appears that some people believe Nina Dobrev posts in bikinis way too many times. And, people are pointing that out in the comment section of the post.

“It’s not a Nina post if she’s not jumping or in a bikini,” someone quips. 

“In how many colours do you have that bikini,” one person asks.

“Nina owns water,” another person writes.

It seems that some may be overreacting though. The most recent bikini picture she posted on Instagram is from August 7 where she is posing in a dark red bikini and a huge smile. In the second picture of that set, she is sticking her booty out for the camera to see.

So, while some seem angry that she is posting bikini pics it really doesn’t look like she’s overdoing it. Plus, she should really post whatever makes her happy! If she loves bikini pics then she should keep on posting them. People can unfollow if they don’t like it.

Nina Dobrev | Instagram

What do you think of Nina Dobrev’s new snaps? Let us know in the comments below.


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