Vanessa Bryant Has Finally Settled the Lawsuit Filed by Her Mother

Although Sofia, like her daughter, has opted to remain out of the spotlight, there are a few details that we know about her and her relationship with Vanessa.

Per the Daily Press, Sofia divorced Vanessa’s father when her daughter was young, and he relocated to Baja, Mexico. For about the first 8 years of her life, Vanessa used her father’s surname, Cornejo, despite never growing close to him.

At around the same time that Vanessa changed her surname, Sofia met Stephen Laine while working at an electronics firm and the two were married in 1990, remaining a couple until 2002.

During the time they were together, Sofia and Stephen reportedly encountered dire financial situations, causing them to file for bankruptcy only four days after Kobe and Vanessa announced their engagement.

Through all that, Sofia seemingly remained close to her daughter, Kobe, and grandkids for years to come. She was present when Kobe played his last game of basketball in 2017. Furthermore, she was in attendance at the family’s final Thanksgiving dinner together before Kobe and Gianna’s untimely deaths. According to Vanessa’s recollection of it all, her mother fell out of grace with the family around the same time Kobe and Gianna passed away, spurring the feud that brought about their lawsuit.

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