Vanessa Hudgens says she dislikes water so much that she passed out from dehydration

Vanessa Hudgens has opened up to Shape about her dislike of plain water – so much so, she admitted to fainting twice from dehydration.

The 32-year-old actress has since added businesswoman to her resume after releasing her very own line of cactus water to quench her thirst. Created with friend and actor Oliver Trevena, Hudgens described Caliwater as “a breed of its own” with “a ton of health benefits.”

“Anyone who knows me knows I’m terrible at drinking water. I am always dehydrated. It’s an issue,” she told ET earlier in the year.

“But now that I have Caliwater, I call it my ‘candy water,’ because it’s actually something that I want to drink.”

“It has a ton of electrolytes, so great for rehydrating, and it’s really great for anti-inflammatory. It has a ton of antioxidants which are really good for your skin. It has antiviral qualities. It can lower bad cholesterol. It can regulate blood sugar levels. So it’s kind of a miracle plan, really.”

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Nutritionist and dietician Amy Shapiro of Real Nutrition New York told Byrdie that cactus water is beneficial when hungover, working out or sick.

“Since it has electrolytes and a little sugar, it will replenish your fluids, and the hydration will keep you going,” Shapiro said.

“Cactus also contains the amino acid taurine, which can help repair muscle tissue damage that occurs during exercise.

“Like almost anything with electrolytes, cactus water can aid during workouts, hangovers, or illnesses such as stomach bugs or common colds to keep you hydrated.”

A month after Caliwater’s launch, Hudgens joined forces with singer-songwriter Madison Beer to kickstart their own skincare brand, Know Beauty. “I’m proud to have companies I believe in and that I want to share with everyone,” she told Shape. “Working on them is a fun, creative expression for me that doesn’t rely on getting the next [acting] job.”


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