Vegan breaks down in tears when she eats fish for first time in two years

A vegan broke down in tears when doctors told her to switch up her diet and start eating fish for the first time in two years.

Lamar Chairez said she had stuck to plant based food for years – but had to rethink her lifestyle after developing “allergies” and “sensitivities”.

“Due to the medical reasons, I have to start eating fish,” she said in a video on TikTok.

She unwraps the packaging and takes out a salmon fillet to pan-fry lightly.

While cooking, the 23-year-old starts welling up.

She added: “I got the most sustainable wild-caught salmon I could find. I’m literally having a breakdown over this piece of fish right now.”

Lamar said the doctors advised her to give up vegan diet and start eating fish again

The young woman holds a piece of fish with her chopsticks and starts shaking.

Lamar’s tears drop on the table as she dives into the salmon.

She added: “I’m doing more damage to my body trying to eat foods my body cannot tolerate.

“I ate it, I’m the most pathetic person ever. I’m sorry fishy.”

She later posted another video eating salmon again, but this time she added: “Literally not having an issue anymore”.

Some viewers said she was being dramatic to cry over a “dead fish”.

One wrote: “If you feel bad about the animals dying, they were already dead and if you didn’t eat it, someone else would have to.”

Another said: “Fish is probably the easiest to sustainably catch with little cruelty involved as well.”

But others showed support to Lamar and encouraged her to purchase farmed fish.

She was left in tears when she was about to eat the salmon and she apologised for having to eat fish
She was left in tears when she was about to eat the salmon and she apologised for having to eat fish

“I completely understand where you are coming from with the fish thing,” a viewer reassured.

“I’m just vegetarian but I would have reacted the same way.”

A second commented: “Over dramatic? I would throw up 100%.

“I hate fish and meat with my whole heart and have been vegetarian since I was able to verbalise it.”


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