Very rare sea turtle washes up on Wales beach

One of the world’s rarest species of sea turtle has washed up on a beach in Wales.


The creature was discovered in the wake of the recent Storm Arwen by Ashley James as he walked his dog along Talacre beach in Clwyd.

James reported the find along with his wife Samantha to the British Divers Marine Life charity and it was found that the marine animal was a “very rare” Kemp’s Ridley turtle that normally resides in warmer waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Samantha told Sky News: “My husband went back down to the beach to help them find it and I got a call from them and I could hear my son shouting, ‘It’s alive, it’s alive!’

“They prodded the side of his eye and he retracted his face and scrunched it all in, they couldn’t believe it. They lifted him up and he flipped his flipper and stretched his neck out.”


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