Veto Ceremony Outcome Leaves Fans Heartbroken

Big Brother‘s Power of Veto ceremony proved to have terrible consequences for one houseguest in particular. After finding himself on the block after the Chopping Block Roulette twist played out, Xavier ended up winning the Power of Veto. As a result, Sarah Beth was able to implement her backdoor plan, placing Derek X. on the block. Based on the responses to this action, fans are not happy to see that Derek X. could be evicted come Thursday.

Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother picked up right where things left off. Xavier and Claire, the latter of whom was one of Sarah Beth’s nominees, both shared how determined they were to win the veto. In addition to Sarah Beth, Xavier, and Claire, the veto players included Alyssa, Derek F., and Azah. Xavier ended up winning the veto after accepting a series of punishments during the competition, which included 24-hour solitary confinement, giving up all of his BB bucks, and having to go up as a third nominee the next week (or the week after if he wins HoH). This meant that Sarah Beth had to name a replacement nominee, which ended up being Derek X.

Since Derek X. has been a fan-favorite during the season, it’s no surprise to see that fans weren’t happy about how this situation turned out. Read on to see what the viewers had to say about how it all went down.

Fans don’t have enough broken heart emojis to showcase their feelings about Derek X.’s possible eviction. This fan wrote, “That dx clip going around of him crying in the dr yeah i really do hate it here [broken heart emojis] I just want him to stay.”


“BB edit trying to make it look like there was an actual real chance for DX not to go on the block,” one fan lamented. “Such a tease.”


Fans are sad to see that both Claire and Derek X. are on the block alongside each other, with one weighing in with, “DX and claire are really a great duo. they seem like good friends who enjoy hanging with each other. gonna be sad to see either of them go.”


Many fans are still holding out hope that Derek X. will be able to avoid eviction. “Maybe we’ll get lucky & there’ll be a jury battle back that hopefully Derek X wins if he’s evicted,” a fan wrote. “I mean with next week’s power potentially overthrowing the HoH, it would make sense to give the jury a second chance should anyone get screwed over by chance.”


Some fans are so saddened to see Derek X. possibly go that they’re already calling for CBS to bring him back on another season. One fan wrote, “He will be back in a future season. Right @CBSBigBrother?” Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.


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