Veto Outcome Has Fans Thrilled

As always, Wednesday night’s episode of /category/big-brother/Big Brother featured the Power of Veto competition. Fans last saw that Sarah Beth and Kyland were anonymously nominated by the secret HoH, Claire, who won the power thanks to the Coin of Destiny. Xavier was also on the block after accepting a punishment in last week’s veto competition. Alas, none of the nominees won the Power of Veto. Instead, Hannah ended up winning the veto and securing her first competition win in the process. Fans couldn’t have been more thrilled by how the episode’s events played out.

In addition to the nominees, Hannah, Alyssa and Claire were chosen to compete for the veto. Ultimately, Hannah narrowly beat out Sarah Beth to win the power. Of course, she was so excited to win the power to add to her Big Brother resume. But, she was even more excited by the fact that the Cookout’s plan for the week was a success. After winning the veto, Hannah decided to pull Xavier off of the block, meaning that Sarah Beth and Kyland are the only nominees for the week. Come Thursday, Sarah Beth will likely be evicted as Kyland has the support from the Cookout alliance.

Not only were fans happy for Hannah’s win, but they were also stoked about the possibility that Sarah Beth will leave at the end of the week. Read on to see exactly what they’re saying.

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Hannah decided to use the Power on Veto on Xavier in order to ensure that either Kyland or Sarah Beth would be evicted. But, since the Cookout has been dominating the game since the start, it’s almost a guarantee that Sarah Beth will go home over Kyland.


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Hannah, Claire, and Tiffany (the latter of whom was the original HoH) were all determined to send Sarah Beth home this week. It looks like they’ll get their wish.


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Sarah Beth held a major position of power last week as she was the Head of Household. But, the tide has turned, and it’s not in her favor.


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Some fans are overjoyed to see Sarah Beth go home as she was the one who put fan-favorite Derek X. on the block last week. So, it doesn’t seem like they’ll be too sad to see her go.


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Clearly, fans were thrilled to see the veto events play out as they did. Luckily for them, Hannah beat Sarah Beth in the veto by mere seconds.


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To see whether Sarah Beth of Kyland goes home, fans can tune in to Big Brother on Thursday night at 8 p.m. ET. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.


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