Veto rewards, punishments (Day 33)

Sarah BethThe Power of Veto Competition happened today on Big Brother 23 and in the aftermath of that, we can prepare for an entertaining stretch of time ahead.

Let’s start with the following, in the event you missed it yesterday: Britini won the Veto! She’s officially safe now for the week, and Derek X. gets at least part of what he wants. He has an opportunity to nominate Christian for eviction, though we’re sure he would have preferred to do this in a way where Sarah Beth wasn’t also on the block. There is no guarantee, after all, that he is going to be evicted in this scenario.

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The Veto last night was also one of those competitions where there was a punishment or reward handed down. Derek X. is going to be a bathroom attendant of some sort (what?), Sarah Beth won $5,000, and it looks as though both Claire and Kyland have some sort of punishment that they have to do in the house. Claire involves cards somehow, while Kyland’s may have something to do with sandwiches. Alyssa also apparently has an opportunity to have a phone call, potentially from home — we’re not sure how this will work since you have to be careful that the family is going to say something that they shouldn’t that could ruin the integrity of the game.

We expect more on the rewards/punishments over the next 24 hours — they will want them in the Veto episode airing on Wednesday.

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