Victor Newman Steps In To Save the Day

The Y&R spoilers for Monday, October 11, 2021, see Victor Newman having had enough of delegating to others – and watching them fail. So he takes matters into his own hands to make sure Victoria Newman and Ashland Locke’s wedding goes off without a hitch. Meanwhile, Nicholas Newman tries to make amends – without admitting he was wrong.

The Y&R Spoilers Highlights

Victor (Eric Braeden) has decided that Ashland (Richard Burgi) is the perfect match for his daughter. Mostly because Ashland is so much like him. To that end, Victor paid Jesse Gaines (Jiamson Jones) to get lost and take his secret about Ashland’s past sins with him to the grave. Nothing is going to ruin Victoria’s (Amelia Heinle) wedding day!

Victor didn’t count, however, on Billy Abbott (Jason Thompson) tracking down Gaines – well, technically, his flunky did – and offering him even more money to sing like a birdie – in advance of Victoria’s wedding day.

Now Billy is trying to convince Ashland to back out, save Newman Enterprises the scandal of being associated with a lying crook like Ashland. But that’s when Victor pops up. And he’s here to make it clear that things will go his way – no matter what.

Y&R: Forgive and Forget

While Victor, Billy, and Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) were busy focusing on Jesse, Nick (Joshua Morrow) dug up a different strain of dirt on Ashland. Victoria was furious and uninvited her brother from her wedding. Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) is trying to get her daughter to change her mind, and Nick joins in.

He’s willing to apologize to Victoria for upsetting her. But he is not willing to apologize for doing what he did to upset her. We have a strong feeling this isn’t going to go well. But that it also won’t be the worst thing that happens to Victoria today.

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