VIDEO: Golden Retriever Goes Nose To Nose With Brown Bear… And Wins

Turns out this dog named Pretty is actually a pretty big bad ass.

The 11-year-old golden retriever proved that one of the most common house pets can also be a pretty good guard dog. Pretty blocked the garage entrance, barked, and wagged his tail as a brown bear entered a residence at about 11:30 pm two nights ago.

And the tail might have been wagging, but the dog’s bark don’t sound like it was playing.

The bear vs. dog showdown took place in Sitka, Alaska which means the species of bear in the video is a coastal brown bear, one of several sub-species of brown bears that are often referred to as “grizzlies.”

The encounter appears to have been filmed from a security camera from inside the garage. It was later posted to dog owner’s Facebook account. At one point the bear looks to be raising a paw to take a swing at the dog when ole Pretty lunges forward and scares it off.

Make no mistake about it, the dog acted nobly and admirably, but had that bear chosen to attack the dog it would have been over quick as a golden retriever would be no match for the bear in an actual fight.

This time of year, bears in the area become more active, hungry, and emboldened as they entire a phase known as hyperphagia, which is essentially the pre-hibernation stage where they’re trying to fatten up for winter hibernation. The bears are more apt to cause conflicts with people during hyperphagia.

The dog owner says he frequently sees bears in the area, but never up this close.

“We have lots of bears, though I’ve never seen them engage this closely. Changing Pretty’s name to Legend! He’s always been a good bear dog.”

The owner said its a reminder about the importance of being bear aware when you choose to live in bear country.

“This is their home too. So be respectful.

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