Video of pile of raw chicken on airport luggage carousel goes viral – WATCH

A huge pile of unpacked raw chicken ended up on an airport carousel in the US – just a few inches away from passengers’ luggage. A video of a cube of raw chicken thighs and wings stuck together and making its way across the conveyor belt has gone viral on social media.

The video from Seattle, Washington, was posted by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on Instagram. The cube shape of the raw chicken suggests that it was in a container at one point. However, it fell out before making its way to the luggage carousel.

Watch viral video:


“There is a personal foul on the carousel. Can chickens fly? Well… assuredly, no poultry is flying like this. We hear at one time these wings and thighs were cooped up in a cooler. Then, somewhere between baggage and the carousel, they became free-range,” the TSA wrote.

The post added, “Don’t wing your travel packing. To keep from ruffling any feathers, meat should be properly packaged. Ice or dry ice is permitted to keep the flock chilled. If you are pecking around the internet for travel tidbits, nest time reaches our hens and roosters at #AskTSA. They’ll take your raw travel questions and cookout an eggcellent answer.”

The video has gone viral on social media. One user said, “Looks like all the other luggage on that carousel has been cross-contaminated.” Another wrote, “I’d hate to have my bag on this conveyor belt after this.” Yet another added, “Imagine pulling that off the carousel as the owner.”

The TSA told Indy100 that a TSA employee did not record the incident, and they have no details of when it may have happened. However, they added that it appears that the chicken fell out of its container as the owner did not think about the lid coming open and did not tape it securely enough.

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