Video of Tana Mongeau kissing Demi Lovato goes viral on TikTok: Fans react in shock!

Tana Mongeau and Demi Lovato’s latest TikTok video has shocked many as the pair were spotted kissing.

The playful video was posted by Tana on her TikTok. Within seconds, the small snippet caught the attention of many. At present, it has got over five million views. As of now, Demi has not commented on the post while Tana has replied to some of the fan comments.

Tana Mongeau’s TikTok video explored

On August 7, Tana uploaded a TikTok that featured Demi. The pair had been attending Paris Hilton’s party. The video starts with Demi placing a kiss on Tana’s cheeks.

As the video continues, the duo becomes a bit playful with their tongue. The YouTuber uploaded the video with a caption that read: “How we are off-camera 24/7.” She also tagged Demi in the post.

It did not take long for people to start commenting on the post. One user wrote: “That’s enough of Disney, Tana.” To this, she replied: “omg.” The user was referring to Tana’s fake marriage to Jake Paul that soon came to an end.

At the same time, another user asked: “how did this duo even come to be.” To this, Tana replied: “the moment we met forever ago we knew bby.”

Fans react to the duo kissing

The video of the pair has left many shocked, and it did not take long for them to react to the same. One user questioned: “why did I just see tana Mongeau sticking her tongue down demi Lovato’s throat.”

Another added: “Now I just KNOW I did NOT just see DEMI LOVATO and TANA MONGEAU KISS.” “Stop I know we all want demi to be with a woman but tana ain’t it,” wrote another.

The video also gave rise to the speculation that the two might be together. However, Demi’s fans were quick to shut this down. Meanwhile, the YouTuber’s fans reminded others that Tana is currently dating musician Chris Miles.

Who else attended the party?

Paris had thrown a party after the release of her Netflix show Cooking with Paris. Apart from Tana and Demi, famous personalities like Paula Abdul, Paris Jackson, Kat Graham, Nikita Dragun, and others were present.

Paris even shared a series of pictures from the event. Her Instagram caption read: “I had the best time premiering my new series with friends and family!”

Cooking with Paris is currently streaming on Netflix.

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TikTok – 5 Senses Trailer





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