Video Of Two Dogs Cleaning Floor With The Owner Draws Hilarious Reactions

A heart-melting video of two dogs helping the owner in mopping the floor is getting viral on social media. Netizens give hilarious response to the same

A heart-melting video of two dogs helping the owner in mopping the floor is surfacing on social media. First shared by an Instagram account named Sterling Newton, the adorable clip of the two pets has taken over the internet. In the viral video, it is seen dogs playing with the owner while he is trying to clean the house. Netizens are surprised to see the action of the dogs. Sharing the video, the users captioned it, “You know who to call if you need your floors cleaned”.

The two pets, Sterling and Colin, are seen running behind the owner in an attempt to clean the floor by themselves. Sterling, the big pooch, also jumps over the owners’ back, while Colin dramatically holds the broom and shows some funny actions. Netizens, when they saw the video, couldn’t resist reacting to the post. One user who saw the video said, “I love your sweet pups-and love your son-he is a hoot with them”. Some dropped a laughing emoji while others dropped a heart emoticon in the comment section.

Video of two dogs cleaning the floor with owner goes viral

Another user who saw the video said, “So funny how Sterling has his brothers back when fighting the mop”. While Another user jokingly said, ” These two”.

Earlier, a similar video surfaced on social media where the pet dog was seen working out with two girls. In the viral video, two young girls were seen dressed up in an exercise suit, performing their routine cardio exercise, when the pooch entered the frame and took all the attention. The viral clip garnered huge views and many comments.

The pet dog’s “jump and rolls”, made with his ladies, delighted the mood of everyone on the internet. The short video clip garnered huge views and hilarious comments. One user after watching the funny video said, “Good job by the dog”. Meanwhile, he expressed his opinion and said the girls were not doing it right. Another person jokingly said, “The girls are missing a step!”. While another person commented “Awww”. ” OMG! this is so cute,” said another.

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