[VIDEO] Viral clip captures man confronting bikini-clad women at Colorado lake

A video of a man confronting a group of women wearing bikinis at Horsetooth Reservoir, near Fort Collins, is sending shockwaves across the Internet, amassing more than 8 million views on TikTok alone (including part one and two).

The original video, posted by TikTok user ggarbagefairy,  appears to capture a man confronting a group of women on a sandy beach while he is accompanied by a woman and small child. In the video, he equates their wearing of bikinis to pornography, asking them to consider “young eyes” that may see them.

According to the Denver Post, the man later lost his job over the encounter.

In a video posted by the man following the incident, he cites a moral stance as his justification for the confrontation. In his response video he tells his side of the story, including several Jesus-themed hashtags in the caption. He states “I don’t need to clear my name, God will vindicate me.”

In a follow-up post made by two of the bikini-wearing women, which has since amassed 1.3 million additional views, they state that they are 18 years old and further discuss the encounter.

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