Vincent Plans to Propose to Briana in ‘MAFS: Couples’ Cam’ (EXCLUSIVE CLIP)

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Couples’ Cam Season 3, Episode 12.

Getting Married at First Sight isn’t easy for anyone. But Briana Myles and Vincent Morales had a different experience than their Season 12 co-stars. Although they went through their own problems, they’re still together.

And in an exclusive clip ahead of the Aug. 25, 2021, episode of Couples’ Cam, Vincent reveals plans to propose to Briana again.

That’s right — somehow everyone’s favorite Season 12 couple just got cuter, as if that were even possible. In the clip, he discusses his plan with fellow Season 12 MAFS cast member Erik Lake. He explains how much he and Briana grew in their first year together. And, for Briana at least, this proposal is super important.

Vincent plans to propose to Briana on ‘MAFS: Couples’ Cam.’

In the Couples’ Cam clip, Erik interviews Vincent with a handheld camera about his relationship with Briana. Vincent talks about buying a house with Briana and “almost going on a year” together. He then calls back to the time he proposed to Briana on Decision Day on MAFS with a cheesecake and reveals he plans to propose to her with an actual ring.

“I’m actually going to be buying Briana a ring, and I’m going to propose to her,” Vincent says. “She has no idea that it’s gonna happen.”

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It’s not clear if he plans to throw an entirely new wedding after this proposal, but it’s certainly a nice gesture. On MAFS, singles meet at the altar, and they don’t get the chance to immerse themselves in the fanfare of a marriage proposal. For Vincent to plan one for his wife, even though they’re already married, is pretty adorable.

In a separate scene, Vincent tells the camera, “Me and Briana just continue growing each and every day, more in love with each other. So it’s almost been a year now, and even though the cheesecake was amazing and she loved it and even cried, I know that Briana would love a traditional proposal.”

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Briana and Vincent are the only ‘MAFS’ Season 12 couple who are still together.

Married at First Sight Season 12 featured five couples. Of those five, three stayed together after Decision Day. Unfortunately, of those final three couples, only Briana and Vincent stood the test of time.

Even Erik, who ended MAFS Season 12 married to Virginia Coombs and is on Couples’ Cam, is no longer with his wife.

So, what’s Briana and Vincent’s secret to keeping the magic alive long after MAFS? They told E! News that it’s all about being open to love.

“Pastor Cal explained what love is and it really boiled down to: Love is not necessarily a feeling,” Briana said. “It happens in your everyday life with the things that you do and the things that you think about and how you put someone above yourself.”

A proposal certainly can’t hurt.

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