Viral news: This woman created a PowerPoint presentation to tell her parents she is a stripper

There are many ways to break contentious news or development about your life to your parents. For example, you can write to them or talk to them about it during dinner.

If you are not confident enough, you can set the ground by taking them out for a holiday first and then slowly breaking it to them. But, unfortunately, parents’ reactions cannot be controlled but only anticipated.

A woman from Portland, US, has gone viral for her ‘ingenious’ way of telling her parents she’s a stripper. Instead of talking about it casually, the woman created an entire PowerPoint presentation about her profession and played it out on television for her parents.

Lex said she kept the secret to herself but knew she had to tell them one day. Now, her unique way of breaking the news has gone viral on social media.

Watch it here:

A short video of the family’s living room conversation shows Lex taking her parents through her career choice.

She says: “Before you start worrying, or get excited, this secret pertains to my life, doesn’t affect anyone.”

“Any guesses you may have, you will be wrong. I’m telling you simply because I want the people I love and trust the most to know what’s going on in my life and to have the joy of sharing my journey with you,” the presentation adds.

Lex went on to explain that her secret work means she is ‘talented,’ ‘cool,’ and ‘powerful,’ and it does not invite danger, or she becomes ‘pregnant.’

After a drum roll, she opened the next slide that read: “I’m a stripper! As in, I pole dance at a strip club, and I love it.”

Soon after that, she opened a FAQ slide to calm her parents’ concerns. She added it is a work environment that allowed her to express herself safely.

Once that was done, Lex spoke in detail about safety and that the business has full anonymity. In the end, she admitted to her parents that her new career has allowed her to buy things she couldn’t afford earlier.

“I really appreciate you being so forthright and sharing your life with us…it’s powerful,” said her mom.

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