Viral photo of a hospital signboard has glaring grammatical errors- can you spot them?

A photo of a hospital signboard in the UK has gone viral recently. Shared by a man named Andy Webster, it shows the various wards and rooms in the establishment. It is situated in Leeds.

Now, people might wonder why a simple picture like that has gotten the internet’s attention. Well, the picture itself will tell you.

Take a look.

The caption itself reveals the whole story. Webster asks netizens to spot the spelling mistake. The contents of the signboard are-  Wards L26, L27, L28, X34, Leeds Chest Clinic, Martin Wing, Brotherton Wing, Leeds Children’s Hospital (Martin Wing), Advanced.

Imaging Centre, Outpatient Pharmacy, National Inpatient Centre for Psychological Medicine.

The errors here are quite obvious. First, the word ‘in-patient’ was replaced with ‘impatient.’ Along with that, the apostrophe should come after the ‘s’ in ‘childrens’ and not before that.

For these reasons, the photo went viral on the microblogging site. As it did, Leeds Teaching Hospitals realized their gaffe and took to correct it.

“good spot! We should probably fix that. Maybe give us a few days, please? Don’t be… well yeah,” said the tweet.

Coming back to the hilarious signboard, netizens continued to poke fun at it. The comments section was buzzing with activity as many even shared their inferences.

However, some sympathized with the hospital. “That’s pretty bad, but I have sympathy for its creator as they were probably asked to sort something very, very quickly with it being a Covid sign,” a user said. Many shared pictures of similar instances as well that everyone had fun looking at.

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