Viral Pokemon TikToks show another side of Diglett & Dugtrio you’ve never seen

Two hilarious Pokemon TikToks shine a new light on Ground-type Diglett and its evolution, Dugtrio. The viral videos will ruin your childhood and everything you thought you knew about the Gen I ‘mon.

Cast your minds back to the late 90s. Pokemon Red and Blue have just come out on the Game Boy and you’re spending all your spare time after school trying to catch ’em all and complete your Pokedex. Ah, the nostalgia.

Two viral TikToks are set to ruin what you remember about two popular Kanto monsters, though: Diglett and Dugtrio. After this, you’ll never look at them in the same way again, so get ready.


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Even with hair, Dugtrio usually isn’t scary.

Pokemon TikTok shows Diglett in a new light

User markersv went viral on the app when they revealed we’ve all been looking at the Ground-type the wrong way. “What if Diglett’s nose is actually a mouth with just one tooth?” they asked, alongside a picture of the ‘mon.

Mind. Blown. 3.1 million other viewers were just as shocked, with one commenting, “I can’t unsee it,” and another writing, “My life is a lie, all I see now is his eyes and a mouth. What next, you going to tell me his eyes are his mouth?”

The nostalgia isn’t quite ruined yet though, as this is actually untrue. If you look at Diglett’s 3D model from games like Pokemon Go and Sword & Shield, its nose protrudes from its face which a mouth obviously wouldn’t do. Still, it’s a funny video regardless.

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Terrifying Pokemon Dugtrio TikTok will give you nightmares

Now this one is just downright scary. We all see Dugtrio’s heads poking out of the ground – normal, right? But have you ever stopped to consider what you can’t see, what’s hiding under the dirt? You’re about to find out.

TikToker thatchcollects showed off their 3D printed model of the ‘mon in a plant pot, and all looked rather ordinary until they lifted the base up… Absolute nightmare fuel. Underneath those innocent-looking heads, three macho bodies pulling each other into a tight embrace were hidden.

Of course, no one actually knows what the Ground-type looks like underground. For all we know, this could be accurate, but don’t think about that too long or you won’t sleep tonight.

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TikTok is home to all sorts of weird and whacky content, but these two videos – especially to a Pokemon fan – take the cake.

Swole Dugtrio? Diglett with one tooth? You’ll never, ever unsee them.

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