Viral pug forecasts daily moods with “bones day” predictions

Is today a “bones,” or “no bones” day? TikTok-famous pug Noodles has the answer.

Every morning, Noodles’ owner Jonathan Graziano, 30, attempts to lift the floppy pug from his dog bed.

If Noodles stands, it’s a bones day, meaning it’ll be a good day.

If Graziano removes his hands and Noodles flops back down, it’s an otherwise negative omen about the day.

“Welcome back to another round of ‘No Bones,’ the game where we find out if my 13-year-old pug woke up with bones,” Graziano says in each video’s voiceover. “And, in addition, we find out what kind of day we’re going to have.”

Now, the phrase “bones day” has worked its way into internet vernacular — just like this pug did the internet’s heart. People all over social media are using Noodle’s adorable ability to keep standing as a way to forecast how their day will go.

“I do not believe astrology affects my day. I DO believe bones vs no bones does though,” tweeted one Noodles fan, signaling it might be the end of the astrological era, as more and more people are relying on “bones day” daily horoscopes.

“Sorry professor it’s a no bones day so I legally can’t do anything today,” tweeted another.

Since adopting Noodles in 2016, Graziano has garnered more than 44,000 followers on the pug’s Instagram account @showmenoodz. Graziano’s TikTok account, created last year, gained some 495,000 followers during the past two weeks, up from his initial 50,000, he told Insider.

The pug’s daily bones test sets the daily tone for many TikTokers online, inspiring them to be extra productive and motivated on “bones days” and prepping for the worst on “no bones days.”

“Supposed to get married today but I wanna wait and see if it’s a no bones day before I make any big moves,” one TikTok user wrote on a video.

Everyone is getting in on the “bones day” celebrations, including the official TikTok company account. “It’ll all be okay – it’s a bones day,” they said. The popular We Rate Dogs account also commented “BONES DAY,” in emphatic all-caps.

Now, people are demanding Noodles and “bones day” merchandise and showing overwhelming support for Graziano and his very lazy pug.

“It’s insane to be able to share this with you guys,” he said in a TikTok video, thanking Noodles’ fans and followers for investing time into the dog’s extreme floppiness.

Now, it’s time to check if it’s a “bones day” or “no bones day.”

Bones or no bones day — it’s the question Noodles answers every morning by whether he stands or flops back down.


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