Viral TikTok claims to show how Panera ‘make’ their ‘overpriced’ soup

An alleged Panera worker has taken to TikTok to expose how the American bakery-café chain, Panera, ‘make’ their $7 soup.

In a clip that has since gone viral, Dylan Smith (@ohana_trender) shows the pre-made yellow liquid with what appears to be pieces of noodle in a plastic bag. He puts the bag into a pitcher and snips the corner, before pouring the watery substance into a soup tureen.

The video prompted hundreds of concerned TikTokers to the comments. “Panerma is expensive hospital food”, one commented, while another said they wouldn’t return to the chain after viewing the video, “Is this… for real? I’m never going there again.”

Another fellow TikToker was not surprised after they claimed to have found a snippet of plastic in their soup. “True story: I was once eating my broccoli and cheddar soup and found a corner piece of the plastic bag in my soup! I could have died (being dramatic)”, they commented.

While one user wasn’t phased by the way the soup was made, “I’m not gonna lie, that chicken and rice soup is fire! I don’t care if it’s from a bag or not”, they said.

This isn’t the first time alleged Panera workers took to TikTok about the food chain’s menu. In a video titled, ‘Five things to never order from Panera! We almost got fired for this, we tried warning you”, the TikTokers advised followers to avoid the “soggy” mac and cheese and all of the soups as he claimed they “leave them out for hours.”

In a further claim, the TikTokers also said the sandwiches that contain meat are also left our “for hours.”

indy100 has contacted Panera for comment.

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