Viral TikTok reveals how man got his secretary to respond to messages in family WhatsApp group

Everyone knows that keeping up with your WhatsApp group chats can be an arduous task.

But would you ever pay someone else to send the replies for you?

Well, that’s what one man did, according to his brother.

TikTok user Zach shared on the platform how his brother Zain had roped in his secretary Ian to respond to the family group WhatsApp on his behalf.

In the video, Zach shared a screengrab of the conversation, which went a little something like this.

“Zain if u respond to family text in next 2 minutes I will PayPal u two dollars. Clock is ticking,” their dad said.

A message then comes back: “Sorry this is Ian, I will relay this message to Zain and get back to your when he responds.”

The dad responds: “Hi Ian tell zain we love him.”

Zach then responds: “No way that’s Acc [actually] some kid named Ian.”

Ian then replies: “Hello, yes this is Ian, I am Zain’s secretary at advisor appointments.”

Ian then sends his LinkedIn profile link, before adding: “Zain is currently busy but I will relay your messages to him and respond shortly, thank you for your patience.”

Zach then breaks into text laughter, replying: “NO F***** WAY HE HIRED U TO MESSAGE IN FAMILY GROUPCHAT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.”

Ian responds: “Hello everyone, thank you for your messages, I have passed them along to Zain and he will respond to you at his earliest convenience. Thank you.”


Several commentators questioned whether the messages were actually real and doubted Ian’s existence.

But the brothers’ dad responded: “I can one hundred percent confirm that Ian exists I have been on a Zoom with him a month ago.”

There we are then. Think about all that time we’ve been wasting…

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