Viral TikTok reveals how woman ‘caught boyfriend cheating on her with her roommate’

A woman has gone viral after catching her boyfriend cheating on her with her roommate.

TikTok user @catcha_case, who goes by the name Casey, is a college student who allegedly walked in on her boyfriend in bed with her roommate.

The clip of the incident has been viewed 1.7 million times and shows Casey miming the words to rapper Khia’s “Don’t Trust No [N-word]” and pointing at the pair.

The lyrics in the song are: “You put your trust in a [N-word], stupid hoe. How you figure he won’t f**k your best friend and your sister.”

While she mimes the track, she shows her boyfriend and roommate asleep cuddled up together, completely unaware that Casey has seen them.

Casey captioned the post: “Just caught my bf and roommate cheating.”

The room they’re in appears to be a college dorm room but Casey does not show the face of the other woman involved in the accusations.

TikTok users commented on the post berating the boyfriend and suggesting ways to surprise the pair when they wake up and see they’ve been found out.

One person wrote: “I would’ve closed the curtains, turned off all the lights [and sat] in the corner and stare until they wake up just to add a little more suspense.”

Another offered up what they would do, writing: “I would’ve been swinging lmao.”

Someone else suggested: “Pour glitter on them.”

Others sympathised with Casey, saying they had been in the same position she had found herself in.

One person said: “Damn same thing happened to me a month ago.”

Another wrote: “GIRL I BEEN THERE.”

Casey has yet to provide an update on the story after they woke up.


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